18 Months IS the Magic Number For Success

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Once upon a time someone in one of our career conferences told us 18 months is the magic number in getting a service business off the ground.  I remember wrinkling my nose and thinking he has got to be wrong.  We are charismatic, honest and ethical, people believe in us, and we can do this in 6 months.  Wrong.

A year later we were back for the annual conference, and again we heard speakers say it takes 18 months to get your service business up to the point where you are making money.

We came home and wondered what we were doing wrong.  We reinvented ourselves.  We worked long hours on the web pages.  We tried every free idea that was thrown at us.  By now “free” was 0ur budget.  If it cost money, we did not spend it. The 12th month led to 13, 14, 15 and so on.

I spent all my time personally loading up and launching page after page on Facebook and that defined my day.  People said to me “you are always on Facebook” and I just laughed. It’s my job, I would answer and it is.

Then the 18th month happened and our business rose like a Phoenix from the ashes.

By 18 months I had learned the right time of the day to post a status update.  I also adjust that now for west coast friends and followers.  I learned that once someone likes your page (and I have 10 pages on Facebook), they rarely return to it.  Only 2% return.  So I am on Facebook all day.  I have to get the pages that have been launched onto people’s walls at the right time of day so they will know me.  They will know us.  They will know what we do.  I have a real job.  I am a writer, an author of 4 blogs, 4 Twitter accounts, 5 launched Facebook pages, and now DRUM ROLL PLEASE – I am a contributing blog writer at Social Media Advocate, a national blog site.  This took me  every bit of 18 months.

People friend request me now on Facebook because my name is “out there”.  I worked hard for 18 months to gain success as a writer.  I am there and I will grow.

There were people who did not think I could do this, I knew I could.  Someone told me I needed to get a real job.  I have a very real job.

1/11/11 I launched a new business – because of all my above named success, it is already thriving.  I am the Social Butterfly Media Marketing company.  I have a fun blog at the link below and it has a theme song.

My husband – well his side of the business has taken 18 months also.  After returning to our conference and listening/learning and practicing, we came home and we made our names recognizable.

We now have business, we have money coming in.  We have future business.

Yes it takes 18 months, many can do it sooner, that’s more luck and “who you know” but hey whatever works.

I say think 18 months, plan for 18 months, then if it happens sooner you can brag about it.  Tell me about it – tell the world.  You tell me, I will brag about you.  That’s what social media is all about being social.

Check my newest blog, it’s off to a slow start but gathering steam and please find me on Facebook too.

The Butterfly Blog

and on Facebook at:

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and my new contributing writer blog site is:


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  • Amy Stier says:

    Kudos to you Carole! You are speaking my language (as you know…) April is 12mos since I began this new (ad)venture called eXp Realty and Amy Stier INC. So I got six months to take a few more steps up the ladder…eye on the prize. thx for the encouragement and support too…you always know how to time it….perfectly!

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