Where Were You on 11/22/63?

That is the day President John F. Kennedy was killed.  Many of you were not born yet-many were born and too young to remember the horror of it all.  Back then, as in way back then, we did not worry about terrorists – we worried about nuclear war, Fidel Castro and the Cuban missile crisis and the Christmas Dance.  I was in Geometry class.

I was a senior in high school and just this past weekend attended my 45th class reunion.  Of course the assassination came up, it was a big part of our lives then-still is when you look at how history has taken the closest thing to royalty in our country and yet forgiven them all their transgressions from infidelity to drunkenness behind the wheel.

How did Marilyn Monroe really die?  Was it a CIA plot?  How did JFK really die besides taking a bullet to the brain?  Who was really behind it? Who was really behind Sirhan Sirhan? Who really shot Lee Harvey Oswald and was it to shut him up?

For that matter who was really behind the shootings at Kent State which I have blogged about in the past?  The thing is there are theories all over the place and we end up believing the theory that strikes a chord in us of clarity and probability.

When a plane goes down taking everyone with it we are horrified because of the number of people who lost their lives.  Far more people die in a single day in car accidents but the shock and horror are missing.  9/11/01 is the worst shocking horrifying tragedy that happened in our lifetimes.  It scared us to our very core, we were all unsure as to if there would be further attacks.  We were attacked – 2985 plus or minus people died as a result of this attack, we lived in constant fear it would happen again.  If you watched the spot on ABC with Charles Gibson yesterday then you saw that there have been more than a dozen thwarted attacks in NYC since 9/11.  The report went on to talk about how connected the NYC police are with police personnel around the world and how the latest attack was to be on a commuter train.  It will never be over.  It was a horrific time in our lives and has changed us forever.

That is the shock and horror part BUT—————and there is always a but, as of 9/8/09 –  5,150 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan and Iraq since 9/11 and where is the shock and horror over that? 

I don’t have an answer all I know is before this is over hundreds to thousands more will die and I wonder sometimes where is the shock and horror over these numbers?  It is something to think about.

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