What I Learned from Betty Ford Part 2

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I did not write this blog – it was written by a guest blogger who wishes to remain anonymous.  It is written from their thoughts and feelings and when I read it I asked if I could post it.







Having watched my own mother battle to regain her identity and womanhood from the more accurate “female cancer”, ovarian, when I was twelve, my hope is that Betty Ford’s death ignites real debate about our systems of “cancer treatment” and “rehabilitation”, and the asinine depths to which we prostrate our logic, reason, and compassion in support of them, all in the name of “solidarity”. Shackled to intellectual property laws and draconian, antiquated ideologies is no way to confront diseases for which “cures” have not yet been discovered.

It is my opinion that survivors sell themselves short in defending the current methods we have, and it is the savage nature of “modern treatment” that necessitates this short-sell. According to the ideology of Western Medicine survivors are proving their will to live to be greater than cancer’s by surviving chemotherapy, surgery and extremely toxic drug treatments where cancer does not.

Unconscionably, this invokes in families, loved ones, and patients alike the basest of lower emotions – frustration, anger, worry, fear. Soon the blame game begins and these emotions invade every aspect of life, paralyzing our actions, and poisoning our intentions. These burdens inevitably manifest in physical form. Worse still, as family, as friends, and as loved ones, speculation on our part that suffering is caused by some inherent inability to share love on our part belittles meaning and importance and self worth in our own lives, and we find ourselves weakening the bonds of love between those of us left for being stuck in these base emotions.

There is no “healing environment” to be found but that which we create. That our inabilities to savor and appreciate the invisible strings that bind all of us to this life are what has separated us from both one another and Spirit. This is not ameliorated by tax dollars or fundraisers or even social reform. This is only accomplished from within our selves, where thought, action, and intention can be true expressions of the “egoless self”. This is only contradiction when communicating it to others. In a meditative, internalized state of being there is no “other”, so how can there be a “self”, either? Change begins within, if disease is imbalance then a new state of homeostasis must be reached in order for that imbalance to find itself in an inhospitable environment.

Nobody ever changes anybody; we change when we see change in others and want that change for ourselves. This I believe is the truest interpretation of “Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” If lack of understanding creates anger, worry and fear, then understanding creates forgiveness, hope, and trust. We inspire one another to greatness not for being who we are or doing what we do, but rather for taking the time to do both.

There are some very powerful gangs that had best get ready for the assimilation of the Individual. To put it in pop jargon- We’re not coming out of this as Smiths, Neo might say. No one will be the same afterwards. This is a wonderful thing, not a thing to fear. Sameness isn’t what attracts us to one another. The curiosity and contrast of Differentness does that. I for one savor that.

I love you mom!

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