What I Know For Sure 2/2/10

Yesterday a friend posted a status shuffle on Facebook that went like this:  I miss you a lot…….but my aim is improving.

I immediately thought of one person – well ok more than one person – that I would love to take aim at and just knock down with a barrage of words – none of which are printable here.

I can’t go into details here because I don’t want to tip their hands.  Suffice it to say I am talking about two women, one a friend (haha) and the other is not a friend and never has been.

The best part about discovering what two idiots have done behind your back is playing with them for a while.  Larry said I get a certain grin on my face when I am in a playful mood.  That is because I picture the two of them buck naked in a room while answering my questions.  After all just the thought of being seen totally naked sends most people into the OMG me? naked? in front of people?  Never!  The thought sends most people into the room of terror.

Yet I do take a certain delight in this vision because one is old and one is out of shape.

Not that I am  in shape or plan to stroll on a nude beach in the near future, but I am not the one who is going to get busted (no puns intended.)

I am always amazed by people who think up a plan, put it in action without thinking about the possibility of being caught or the repercussions.  This was about as ballsy mean as it could get and once busted I will write it down here for all to see and be aghast over like me.

Aghast is such a great word.  It conjures up old Agatha Christie murder books in my mind.  No one uses it anymore so I am going to make it my word of the day tomorrow and use it.  Here is a good definition of the word:

 1, aghast(p), appalled, dismayed, shocked. struck with fear, dread, or consternation.

With that I am aghast that this is all I have to say about this subject but I can promise when the proverbial shit hits the fan that there are two women who will really be aghast.

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