This is how Castle Dream Real Estate Survives in this Market

Castle Dream Real Estate Achieves Celebrity Status      CLICK ON THE BLACK LINK!!!!!!

When I woke up Friday morning I had no idea that just by sending a ton of press releases that our non-franchised, boutique virtual real estate business would be featured in a web tv production.  It’s a short video and the phones are ringing, the email is pouring in because we do give a buyer a !% rebate of the purchase price while still negotiating the best deal for them.

Our buyers get a twofer.  Yes they do.  We are tough negotiators, we give back 1% of our commission and this is 100% legal in the state of Florida.  No gimmicks, no strange or unusual tactics, just cash back to you as a thank you for choosing us.

As Garay and Stevens say in the video we are willing to spend our money to show our clients we do work for them.

Carole Sanek, Licensed Florida Realtor

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