The Heat is On This Summer

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I live in Florida, near Tampa.  When I first told friends and family I was greeted with a response I have heard many times about living here.  It goes like this: “I could never live there it’s too hot.”

I have watched the morning national news all summer and it is the same every year when it comes to the heat in the country.  Everywhere I look every city is hotter than we are here near Tampa.

Furthermore we have nice breezes, very nice breezes.  I hate to really point this out but you are seriously misinformed if you think it’s hotter here than it is in Chicago the city I left.

Now I won’t debate the humidity here or compare it with humidity elsewhere.  It can hit you in the face like a walking into a sauna but I will take wet heat any day of the year over dry heat or winter-freeze-your-ass-off -cold.  First of all while it does funky things to my hair I discovered Keratin smoothing treatments, so no debate there.  Next my skin is in incredible shape, my heels are soft and smooth, I no longer have dermatitis, so no one can throw down a debate point there either.

I love living here, I embrace the humidity, I embrace the heat that is not as hot as what you have and I will close this with one last “point taken”.  Ready?  Our real heat lasts about as long as your hot spells do.  We have 4 HOT months and the other 8 months are filled with pleasant days, even cooler days, don’t believe me?  Head over to Orlando in January – we who live here are in long sleeves and blue jeans.  Those who don’t go shopping because they are freezing in their shorts and t-shirts.

Yes we put our heat on, anyone living north of Tampa does and that is a big portion of the state.  I always tell real estate customers to do their weather homework before blindly choosing a part of this incredible state, because when you hit the tropical areas it is a completely different story.





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