Surviving New Beginnings

Today I announced to the world I have accepted the position of Director of the Breast Cancer Wellness Ambassador program.  What the heck is that, you ask?

Breast Cancer Wellness is a magazine, it is a cruise, it is about THRIVING.

How did this happen to moi?  I won a cruise.  I met the publisher of the magazine.  We clicked, slowly………very slowly.  We grew, our friendship and our trust grew and better than that as we grew we realized we had the same goals.  We are joined at the hip and  we are breast friends.

This is going to be an incredible opportunity.  We have big names behind us, I wish I could tell you who these names are, but I can’t, not now.  All I can say is they are BIG names and we plan to be as BIG.  Nothing wrong with planning big.

Let me tell you it feels so good to step outside 4 walls of a confining office and follow a dream.  It takes courage but it can work, when you believe in yourself, when you trust your heart – it can all come true.

Beverly Vote, you are my best breast friend in the whole wide world.  I am so glad – correction – I am thrilled that we are connected.  One more thing I know is this – we would never disappoint each other.  I could list other things we would never do……but that would be redundant.

From this point on I am about fulfilling a dream – and a promise.  Once upon a time, 19 years ago, when I was diagnosed I promised God I would always be there for other men and women who were diagnosed with breast cancer.  This new door that is opening keeps that promise alive.

Did I mention this is international?  WOW life has been so good – and what has made it good?  Getting rid of those who hold you back, those who do not honor you, those who are jealous of you, is your first step.  Honor, it is always about who honors you!  What are you waiting for?????



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