Surviving My Genius

Surviving my genius is not easy.  I am NOT saying I am a genius – what I am saying is that I have a genius.  Of course, she is female and she is real.

There is another very real essence that comes to all of us, I just happen to see it (yes it is an “it”) as a shapeless bundle of atoms that comes together in high energy colors, shoots lightning bolts out of it’s eyes and fingertips and usually sits on the top of my monitor or the edge of my desk.  Meet Idea.  We all get them and when we don’t act on them or feel the sting of their lightning bolts they will eventually disappear and go bug someone else.

Today my Genius met Idea and the collision resulted in a Genius Idea, what else were you expecting?

Back in December I was playing on Facebook in one of those “where will you, what will you, what is” games and this one was my word for 2016.  I played it and my word is Joy.  What?  Wait!  How did the universe know this?  I love to spread Joy, but more than that I collect and gift people with bookmarks with the name Joy on them.  I go into souvenir shops and buy all of them and then I give them away.  I want my friends to have joy every day.  I posted the results and I added a hash tag, #cycleofjoy.  Today I registered that hash tag, I added it into my Twitter profile, I have it all over Facebook because my Genius collided with Idea and #cycleofjoy was born.



Every Tuesday morning I will post a photo with a joyful, inspiring thought on every piece of social media I rent (remember we never own our social media except for email newsletters and blogs).  Every Tuesday morning I will post it here too and it will be the first time in a long time that my posts will not start with the word “Surviving”.

As I thought about this and registered my hash tag I reached out to women I want to speak with about this movement because my Genius told me this is a movement, and a place I want to be in and participate in for as long as I possibly can.

We cannot act on every idea that perches on our monitors or sits on our desks but every now and then your Genius may appear and push you into action.  I would like to thank my Genius and thank Idea for what you brought to me and what will go out to others.

New category #CycleofJoy go peek.



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