Surviving Aging Thoughts

Surviving aging thoughts have to start with the tremendous amount of people (close to my age) who have left this world way too soon.  Actors, singers, comics, writers, and so many, many more.  Larry and I have started talking about our feelings more these days, not because we want to, but more because we have to do this.  We used to say “if” now we say “when”.  The day the “when” happens is something we still are not prepared for, who is?

We both know there are many things we need to do.  Legal things, banking things, things that require passwords come to mind.  Our last will and testaments need updating as do many other things.  We know we are not immortal, yet we act like we are.

Our health is great.  Our lives are good.  We are a happy couple and we are even talking about doing something really daring.  We are considering a move outside the country.  Yes, we are giving consideration to that because we feel it would be more peaceful, we would probably have more friends, and quite frankly our children really don’t need us, nor do we see them that often.  It’s all good, that’s the circle of life.

Yes, many thoughts invade our brains and often.  When we forget something we gasp and wonder if we are becoming forgetful.  When a new little ache of pain hits us we are reminded we are not 35 years old any longer.  We tire more easily, our bodies have been beaten up over the years, so yes changes are occurring.

We cannot even talk about what will happen when one of us is gone.  That brings us both to tears.

We have decided to find other people who have these same thoughts (and fears) and see how they handle them because it’s scary.

It’s also a fact of life in that circle of life.  Maybe we should watch The Lion King again.

Quotes from The Lion King

Quotes from The Lion King



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