Saying Goodbye to ER

Finally – a TV show ended in a feel good way.  This season’s shows were heart warming and heart breaking as well as brilliant. 

Where were you when ER first premiered?  I cannot answer that but I do know that 15 years ago I was one year into being treated for breast cancer.  I was on the road with my career and I was always propped up in a hotel room on Thursday nights watching my favorite new show.

Maybe I liked it a lot because I am a nurse and I worked in a county hospital. Possibly I had a crush on George Clooney.  Or maybe it was because it has always been a terrific show.

I am still not sure why it had to end – but there is something said for going out on a high note.

I will miss this show.  Taking it off the air leaves a hole in Thursday nights for me.  I admit I cried as I watched the daughter of the deceased Mark Greene and John Carter rush into the hospital as the show ended.  I still get goose bumps over the episode when Lucy and John got stabbed.  I can cry buckets watching Mark Greene die in Hawaii.

I cannot answer why we fall in love with a show, or the shows characters, but we do-to the point of changing things when we don’t agree with the writers. 

15 years – now I get to buy the DVD sets and enjoy the shows all over again.

In real life I have seen the goodbye interviews with the cast.  They are all sad of course because friendships change now-15 years is a long time – and it is not just the cast that is affected, the crew is too.

Great job and congratulations to everyone involved.  I am proud of this show, and it has been a pleasure to watch it for the past 15 years.  I feel like I am losing a bunch of good friends.

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