LeBron James Has a Real Hard-On for Cleveland

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Dr. Phil would undoubtedly remark that James must have fallen out of the stupid tree while hitting every branch on the way down.  Is he really that stupid, or is it all part of the hype to make people want to watch the Miami Heat. 

Seriously everything is about hype and money so I can actually see where he might have been guided (albeit stupidly guided) to do this.  Fast forward to the Heat coming to the Q to play the Cavs.  Cleveland fans won’t need Vuvuzela horns to irritate the Heat – they will be able to do it with their own vocal cords. 

How many shades of stupid is James to continue to piss off all those people who really loved him though?  Without a doubt he has de-throned Mike Tyson but maybe he should go into that ring and go a few rounds.  It might knock some sense into him.

We are witnesses alright-to the stupidity of someone who thinks this won’t matter-newsflash James, it matters.

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