Larry’s Best Christmas Gift

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Larry got a great gift this year, he is going golfing tomorrow.  I know that sounds dumb but he is going golfing with an old friend who no longer lives here and that is what makes it great.

It hurt when David and Valerie moved back to Maryland.  I met Valerie when we were on the same walk team for the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk here in Tampa Bay.  Our friendship deepened quickly.  We did a lot of things together and made many memories.  The day they left was very hard on both Larry and I.  He lost his golf buddy, and I lost a close friend, a dear friend.

They came home to Florida this year for a very special reason.  After 17 years of marriage and going through all the tests as to why they could not get pregnant, at 44 years old, Valerie’s pregnancy test strip was positive and last April, Sasha Marie came kicking and screaming into this world.  They are so blessed and Sasha is absolutely beautiful with tumbling dark curls like her mom.

Of course they came home for Christmas, home meaning where all the relatives moved when they retired-Spring Hill, Florida.  Coming home gave Larry and I the gift of celebrating Christmas Eve the way we did when they lived here.  Valerie is Puerto Rican and the dinner she prepares is out of this world.  The house is filled with love and laughter and this year the joyful noises an 8 month old  makes.

Yes, tomorrow is special because for one more day Larry has his golfing buddy back.  And I love it when my husband has his moment of special times.

Me, I always have Valerie, we talk, we email, we text – girlfriends do that.

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