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I have another blog that embraces the world of thriving, not surviving,  breast cancer.  There is a difference between the two words, a big difference.  Many times survivors don’t thrive.  It doesn’t work the other way around because thrivers do survive.

I have known many men and women who can’t let go of their footing on the wall of survival and land on the ground of thriving.  It took me a total of 13 years and I couldn’t pinpoint my moment until I took the cruise that changed my thinking.

You all know I won a cruise this year.  I am the Amoena USA  5th Annual Breast Cancer Thriver winner and I came home amazed at the emotional doors that opened in my life.

Another wild and wacky happening occurred since then, I am more intuitive.  I think I was blocking my intuition and that now I am finally seeing more clearly.

I came home able to let go of a year of anger over a friendship that I let go of (badly) but now I know I let go because honor was missing on the friends part.  I came home stronger knowing I am not going to allow anyone to make me feel inferior or guilty over what they believe I did not do.  Warning——don’t tell me again where I failed, where were you when I went through breast cancer all alone?

I knew I had finally reached the higher road after I tried to take the lower road twice and something stopped me.  I actually was going to put a comment on Facebook about someone who should not be posting while drinking – like who hasn’t?  Every time I tried to post it some weird glitch happened on Facebook and I would have to begin again.  After the second glitch I realized maybe I was supposed to take the moral high road and I let it go.

At this point of my life and my thriving I am not going to allow dishonor in my life and I am going to try really hard to remember to never argue with an idiot because you only end up creating two.

The moral high road has an incredible view, the air is fresher, the sun is warmer, and I sleep so much better at night.

My newest blog can be found at http://afterbreastcancerrevivingsurvivingthriving.com/wordpress/

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