Happy Birthday Jamie Hunter 2/29/68

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It seems so long ago, at times it seems surreal.  I look at you now, all grown up with children of your own, and I have to wonder where the time went.

You threw me a curve ball on Ash Wednesday, 2/28/68 which was a Leap Year by deciding to come into this world 2 weeks early.  You were due on March 14.  You were not going to wait.

On Thusrday, 2/29/68 you arrived by emergency C-section at McDonald House, University Hospital, and I fell head over heels in love with you.

You weighed in so small 6lb 13oz of pink-faced little boy.

You were the apple of everyone’s eyes in the family.  Your grandfather could not get enough of you.  I felt the same way.

There were some scary times.  You got croup when you were 3 mos old and you were very ill.  I had to put you in Fairview Hospital and come see you by bus every day.  The scariest part of that was that they had to test you for Cystic Fibrosis.  That was a rough week.

You came through with flying colors, and I have to say you were always a charmer.  You were a happy little boy and always a clever child.  I remember so well when you forged my signature to a paper in 1st grade telling your teacher I had broken my arm.  I guess you forgot I worked the lunch room at that time and saw your teacher every day.

I thought we were going to lose you when you had spinal meningitis in 6th grade.  That was touch and go.  You don’t remember those first days when you were in isolation and I was terrified.  They sent you home and on Christmas night we had to rush you to Cleveland Metro General because you still had meningitis.

You really never gave me much trouble.  Your parties were a pain in the ass, but are still the talk of Facebook.  I never minded the fact that every where I went some cute chick would ask me if I was your mom.

Now here you are facing one more birthday making me one year older.  Ugh!  I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Families can go through a lot of hard times, but like my tag line is written here on this blog, everyone survives something, it’s how you thrive after your survive that matters.

Happy Birthday Jamie.

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