Dogs Are Truly Amazing Friends

I believe it with all my heart.  Dogs read our moods.  Penney the Pit Bull knew her people were so sad over the fact that she was dying that she allowed them to believe that she was OK again.  They went to sleep, woke up and Penney was gone.

Taffy Alpha Dog This morning my Beta-male, Corky and his Alpha-male cohort, Taffy pictured above, were in the middle of getting treats.  Taffy is the true alpha dog in all manners of being alpha EXCEPT for treats.  When it is time for treats, Corky is invincible.  He demands his treat first.  He gets to the treat cupboard ahead of Taffy.  He prances, dances and barks and he nudges Taffy out of his way.

When I come home from the gym I protein up.  I make a half sandwich with turkey and cheddar.  The second the dogs hear the containers opening up they are do their routine.  They get a slice of turkey and a slice of Swiss cheese. 

They have gotten quite good at playing catch too.  I can toss the meat in the air and they catch it.  I do the same with the cheese and because Corky has me trained, he gets his proteins first.  I tossed Taffy his slice of Swiss cheese, he caught it in his mouth and before he could attempt to chew and swallow it, Corky ran up and pulled it out of his mouth.

Corky Beta Dog

I was shocked.  I had never seen the little devil pictured above do anything like that before.

I scolded him, he ran away and Taffy got two slices of Swiss cheese.

Of course it made me laugh.  It also got me to write about it in an email to several of my Corky loving friends as well as tell the story to Larry.

I did not connect the dots then but now I believe Corky had read my mood, and my mood is a sad one today.

I left to run some errands and my sadness grew deeper.  As I drove down Spring Hill Drive I passed many county police cars escorting drivers to the church for the funeral mass for Captain Scott Bierweiler.  I passed a group of deputies on motorcycles.  A little later in the morning I had to wait at an intersection while the hearse and family were escorted to the church.  I had tears in my eyes, and chill bumps on my arms as I watched Captain Bierweiler pass by for the last time.

As I drove home I passed 10 State Highway Patrol cars on their way to the church. 

I realize that many readers of my blog do not know who I am talking about. I posted about Captain Bierweiler last week titled “Gone is Gone There are No Do Overs”.

A great man is going to be laid to rest today and none of us have a clue as to why.  Why was the 16 year old speeding through our streets, driving erratically at 5:45AM?   What was going through his mind-this is a young man whose myspace pages show a letter written to other teens about being careful cautious drivers. 

After the funeral cordon drove passed me I called Larry because it made me so sad to see the hearse and the limousines with the family. 

When I arrived home I was greeted as usual by two jumping dogs who are always so excited to have a human with them again.  In Taffy’s case almost any human would do, Corky though is very discriminating.  He only gets excited for Larry and I.

I just did not feel like being playful with them as I usually am.  I put my things down and asked them if they wanted to go out.  Corky usually has to be coaxed to go out but not today.  He dashed to the back door of the lanai.

When he was finished he ran back into the house and then he just started to run every which way, jumping on the couch, diving off the couch, running out to the lanai, running all over the living room, back on the couch, back on the floor ending up at my feet looking up at me.  I always have to smile when he does this because he is asking me to chase him. 

Sweet little Corky knew I needed to be cheered up.  I chased him.  I ran all over the house and he just acted so crazy I could not help but laugh.

Dogs do know our moods.  They read our emotions very well.  I am so glad I have two wonderful dogs in my life. 

Life always goes on for all of us.  We move past shock and awe.  We fall into acceptance eventually and our grief lessens with time.  I do have to admit though with all the times I have personally been through all these emotions it is easier with a loving dog by my side.

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