Dear Bloomington IN Where IS Lauren Spierer?

As I watched Lauren’s parents plea for help in the case of their missing daughter this morning on the Today Show I felt deep admiration for her mother who has written a blog article asking a person or persons to come forward and give up the information they are holding on to.

Mrs. Spierer is spot on – someone, or maybe more than one someone, knows where Lauren is right now at this very moment.

The people who saw her last know more than they are admitting to, some have hired attorneys.

With all the available ways to give anonymous information I have to ask how are these people sleeping at night?

There are students attending the university that may not realize that one little thing they know could lead to the authorities finding Lauren, and to final closure for her parents.  I realize that knowledge is scary but it is also very powerful.

I am a mother, I would be making this same plea if one of my children were to go missing.  I would also be “talking” to everyone on campus that night just as Mrs. Spierer is doing.  You see I also believe in my heart that secrets are being kept and secrets have the power to destroy you.  Please reach out by any means to help the Spierer family find their daughter.

My message to Mr. and Mrs. Spierer is this, I truly believe that your letter has been read by whomever knows where Lauren is, your message has been received, after all this person or persons live in fear so they are on constant alert to everything you do.  I wish you all the best in your search and I pray you get an answer soon.

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