Once upon a time I watched you Letterman-but that has changed.  I realize your writers write a lot of your Top 10 lists and that you have input into the lists too and all of you crossed the line with your attempt at humor pointed at Sarah Palin and her family.

I would think some flight attendants are pissed off too.  In fact I hope women in general are pissed off at you.  Pissed enough to never turn your show on again.

Women have struggled for years to remove the sexist images that have been placed upon us and in one opening segment of your show you debased women all over the world.

Attacking a child is absolutely the most disgusting thing I have heard come out of your mouth.  You have set that young lady up to be the butt of jokes in her life-she is a vulnerable teenager not a target for your television show and ratings.

Teenagers carry a lot of emotional baggage and the last thing they need to be is bullied and you put Willow in a position to be bullied even further.  Yes you bullied her you pig!

When did you become a shock jock night show host?  You can proudly share the honor with Don Imus and Howard Stern.  You should be fired-

Slightly less than 1/2 of the US voters went with the Republican ticket-that’s a lot of people you just pissed off.  Now you can add into that all women no matter whom they voted for to that list and hopefully a lot of dads.

The call is out to phone CBS and leave a complaint, I have called and I encourage everyone reading this to also call/email or send a letter telling CBS that you will not watch the show ever again.

I suppose you are raising your son that “no” means “yes” too right?


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