Click for Free Mammograms – True or False?

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We all get the emails.  If we are on Facebook we see the site everywhere.  Click here daily to provide free mammograms-it’s everywhere and I am very happy to say it is TRUE!  You can click the link at the end of this article for verification of this done by Snopes and further links to the awesome people behind this “click”.

If you need a MMG and cannot afford one the first thing to do is to google who is doing them for free in your area.  I happen to know in Chicago for example The Breast Cancer Network of Strength has a mobile unit that does free mammograms for uninsured women.  I know for a fact that there are many places where you can get a free MMG.  There is no excuse for not looking and not asking.

You can start by calling your local chapter of the American Cancer Society.  You can call Komen.  You can call one of hundreds of places to get information and if all else fails and you cannot find one in your neighborhood or town, maybe you can negotiate with a MMG facility for a $5/month payment plan.  How about asking your children to chip in and pay for one if you have children that work.  There are ways, there is always a way.

You must never give up and you have to fight like a girl to win!

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