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Surviving Father’s Day Without A Father

Tweet I wrote this for my public figure page on Facebook yesterday because it is my one wish especially ob Father’s Day – the one gift I wish I could give my husband.  If I could have time with my dad I would give that time to Larry so they could know each other.  It […]

National Cancer Survivors Day

Tweet It is National Cancer Survivors Day and I say ROCK ON ROCK ON ROCK ON. I am approaching 20 years of hearing “You have breast cancer.”  20 amazing years, 20 years of sadness for those who are not here, 20 years of joy for those who have stabbed the beast in the heart, stepped […]

Surviving Unfriending People on Facebook

Tweet We have a lot of options on Facebook for hiding people for various reasons on Facebook. We can hide their posts by choosing the drop down arrow to the far right of their post and take it off our newsfeed. We can actually go to their personal timeline wall and using our mouse we […]

Surviving A Cruise Ship Disaster

Tweet The question is can you survive a cruise ship disaster? Cruise ships are floating hotels on the water, often on deep water.  If you had to abandon ship you won’t be standing on the sandy bottom of the ocean with your head above water. I have friends who made it out of the MGM […]

Surviving Unhappy Holidays

Tweet It’s a simple, but painful fact of life, that unhappy holidays happen. It’s a simple fact of life that many holidays are “Hallmark Holidays”. It’s a simple fact that Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day of the year because no one works harder than a mom. Getting through these days when you have […]

Surviving The Disappointing Truth

Tweet When you get hit in the face with the disappointing truth many times you find yourself bouncing off the nearest wall or running and ducking for cover. Many times the disappointing truth wears a disguise and other times it comes rolling in like the waves of an angry storm. My latest adventure with the […]

Surviving Super Bowl Withdrawal

Tweet All that hype…….all those football games.  All those nail biting last 2 minutes over the season.   WOW   First question I have is why would anyone pay that much for ad space and then leak the ad ahead of time?  I don’t get that at all.  I think we saw most of the […]

Surviving the Broken Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon

Tweet I live in a smaller town about 45 miles north of Tampa.  Many people think Florida is all beaches, sand, palm trees, and high rise condominiums.  I am here to tell you that most of Florida is not like that at all.  We do have coastline that is not developed and we do have […]

Surviving The Today Show with Ann Curry

Tweet There is no surviving it, time to move back to Good Morning America.  I left there a long time ago when Bill Weir insulted all women with challenged children by saying that Sarah Palin had no business being vice-president with a challenged child or something close to that.  This is not a post about […]

Surviving Bad Corporate Decisions – Hello GM

Tweet I remember like yesterday, because it was only several days ago, when a young woman posted that GM made a good decision taking their ads off Facebook and a bad decision on pulling away from the Super Bowl advertising. Ah, youth – it is so easy for them to forget that where there is […]