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Tweet Yes coming this week will be a new blog written entirely about energy vampires and how they suck you dry.  I vant to suck your blood. Yes, coming this week.   Bookmark It Hide Sites

#CycleofJoy 12

Tweet It’s #CycleofJoy Tuesday when I create my own inspiring photo quote – I love doing these because generally speaking, I do them from the heart.  They are mine, they are personal, sometimes they go deep. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Pinktober May Be Over but NEVER Let Your Guard Down Be Your Own Breast Friend

Tweet Every year a Facebook friend, Patti Hughes re-posts a story I wrote about her dear friend, Patty Avery.  This year was no exception.  Pinktober may be over but never let your guard down – be your own breast friend. I wrote Patty Avery’s story 4 years ago and it makes me cry every time […]

Surviving the Narcissist

Tweet Surviving the Narcissist is front and center in my mind these days because I am approaching my one year anniversary of being blind-sided.  Now I have my life back.  While emotional blood was drawn, it was just my turn and that’s all okay.   It happened to others before me, they have told me […]

Surviving Letting Go

Tweet Surviving letting go brings so many different emotions to the surface of our hearts, guts and brains.  There are all kinds of reasons all of us have let go.  We let go of so many things.   The wrong person, best friendships that dissolve, the bad habit, the people we love who cross over, […]

The Top 10 Reasons I WON’T Shop at WalMart

Tweet Here we go with my top 10 reasons I won’t shop at Walmart:   10.  Barefoot shoppers gross me out   9.  In 2008 a WalMart employee became an invalid in a truck accident.  When the employee won a lawsuit related to the accident, WalMart    sued the invalid employee to return the $470,000 in […]