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Social Media ~ Adapt and Thrive, or Adapt or Die?

Tweet There really is a right answer of course.  You want to adapt and thrive and not feel like something was forced down your throat. I live away from a large city, in a county that is beginning to understand that social media is a very important part of offline marketing.  When used and understood […]

Do We Really Die?

Tweet Yesterday a friend left his physical body and now lives in our hearts and minds. We are physically born and we pay rent over time to the physical form that houses us, and when our form is altered in some respect by a disease or accident the rent has been paid in full.  Whom […]

#RideItLikeYouStoleIt… Life.

Tweet We take so much for granted in life.  We take each day, carve it into the segments of our lives, go to sleep and wake up to do it all over again.  Most of us don’t spend a second thinking about dying, note the keywords there are “most of us”. However there are people […]

You ARE your Shining Star

Tweet My life has changed so much over the past year.  There have been many ups, and very few downs.  I finally put into practice something I learned a long time ago.   When you move past anyone or anything that makes you doubt yourself, your life just shines. I remember the movie “Carousel” and […]

18 Months IS the Magic Number For Success

Tweet Once upon a time someone in one of our career conferences told us 18 months is the magic number in getting a service business off the ground.  I remember wrinkling my nose and thinking he has got to be wrong.  We are charismatic, honest and ethical, people believe in us, and we can do […]

We All Have our own Ground Zero Moments in Life

Tweet Image via Wikipedia A “ground zero” moment is when something so devastating happens to you in your life that as time goes by you hear yourself asking “was that before (the devastating occurrence) or after it?”  I call them zero-point moments. We all have them.  It is a time when our lives have irrevocably […]

The House of Cards in Life

Tweet Image via Wikipedia At any given moment anything can happen to bring our lives crashing down around us like the proverbial house of cards.  Change is perpetually in the air.  You can hope and pray that all the values you passed on to others don’t get so scrambled that these people come out wearing […]