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Surviving Modeling in a Lingerie Fashion Show

Tweet Ring! Ring! My cell phone rang – actually it doesn’t ring per se, my ringtone is a play on my business The Social Butterfly Media Marketing and my ringtone is “Come Fly With Me”. I answer and it is my friend, Beverly Vote, Publisher of Breast Cancer Wellness magazine.  Bev wants to know if […]

Surviving Death

Tweet   I want to tell you a story.  My career choice for many years was bedside nursing in Oncology.  When I became an Oncology patient myself, I left bedside nursing.  I chose other paths to pursue, but I still remained true to the pink cause by walking through pink doorways every year and celebrating life. As […]

Surviving the Pissed Off People at Komen

Tweet They are out there – troops of pissed off women (and men) regarding whatever it was that caused Komen and PP to face off last week.  I could care less – I don’t give a shit about either side’s argument.  I support both sides and I don’t give a rat’s ass about why it […]

Surviving the Susan G Komen Decision to Stop Funding Planned Parenthood

Tweet I have been up and I have been down in life and I remember so well when I needed a pay phone because my car had crapped out.  This happened prior to most of us having cell phones.  In fact it was 1993 and I had just been through my diagnosis of breast cancer. […]

Paint me Pink and Call me a Walker

Tweet I knew it.  I knew if I went down to the closing ceremony of the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk here in Tampa last Sunday that I would want to walk again – yeah the walk bug can bite you good. One thing lead to another in conversation, and the team leader, Kathleen […]

Patty Avery-Brown Should Be Alive Today

Tweet This is the last day of Pinktoberand I want to share with your Chapter 2 of the best friend friendship between Patti Hughes and Patty Avery-Brown. Patti asked that all of us on Facebook share Patty Avery-Brown’s story.  This is a story that needs to go round the world over and over again.  It […]

What Are You Going to Be for Halloween?

Tweet My answer and many other of my closest bosom friends would say “Cured!”  We are going to dress up as cured. If only it were as simple and easy as putting a costume on and poof we were cured. That is why we wear costumes all month.  We put our best pink on.  We […]

It’s Back – The 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk Tampa Bay!

Tweet Here is to you Patti Hughes I borrowed this from your Facebook page.  You posted it when you lost your best friend to breast cancer.  I know this is a difficult walk for you due to your recent loss, and I saw your post about your blister poor baby. I want to tell my […]

When Breast Cancer Brings You to Your Knees

Tweet Every year I write about breast cancer here in this blog site.  This year has been different.  I changed career directions.  I started a wonderful new breast cancer blog that you can go to right over there on the right side of this blog, and I have a matching Facebook page that is drawing […]

The Pink Month is Back and So Am I

Tweet I know there are people probably wondering where the heck I have been.  We are 4 days into October and I have not written a breast cancer post. Breast cancer is on my mind every single day, not just in October.  My own mammogram this year was “in question” and I had my own […]