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Surviving Those Who Just Don’t Do the Right Thing

Tweet Surviving those who just don’t do the right thing takes patience because your first urge is to smack someone, or to yell at them, or tell the world about them but you can survive the urge to do all these things because once you cool down,  you will do the right thing. Don’t be […]


Tweet Surviving takes strength.  No matter what you are surviving and learning to live with or without, it take so much strength.  I look back on the many blog posts I have written over the years and I see where my flaws are as well as seeing where my strengths lie.  I have written in […]

National Cancer Survivors Day

Tweet It is National Cancer Survivors Day and I say ROCK ON ROCK ON ROCK ON. I am approaching 20 years of hearing “You have breast cancer.”  20 amazing years, 20 years of sadness for those who are not here, 20 years of joy for those who have stabbed the beast in the heart, stepped […]

Surviving Super Bowl Withdrawal

Tweet All that hype…….all those football games.  All those nail biting last 2 minutes over the season.   WOW   First question I have is why would anyone pay that much for ad space and then leak the ad ahead of time?  I don’t get that at all.  I think we saw most of the […]

Surviving Cruising on Carnival Cruise Lines

Tweet If you are going on a Carnival Cruise or thinking about going on one here is my survival list for you  and a list of suggestions for Carnival too. 1.  The Food – as far as having an enjoyable meal on your ship, forget about it.  The food was mediocre to what you would […]

Nightmare on Burbank Dr with Samsung USA Part II

Tweet Dear Samsung USA, You suck.  Sorry I cannot think of any other way to say it.  You flipping suck. I get different call center people on the phone with every call.  They all do a terrific job of reading from your book of what they are allowed to say very well.  Their constant apologies […]

Surviving the Nightmare of Samsung USA Appliances

Tweet This survival story begins with the purchase of a stainless steel French door refrigerator.   We only had it a short while when we noticed it was not holding a cold temperature.  We called the Samsung customer service department, they ordered a repair service to come in to check it out. Guess what he […]

For Some Life IS a Constant Football Game

Tweet Image by Getty Images via @daylife As we near the end of the football season we begin to really hear about the defense and the offense on a particular team.  In our newspaper this morning in St. Petersburg the writer wrote that the Chicago Bears could win if the defense buckled down and drags […]


Tweet Image via Wikipedia It only took 3 days to get the migration from my old .com account to this new wonderful domain that I now host.  It is almost complete!  I need to play with plug-ins and other things but I am so excited to see it works, and I WAS ABLE TO DO […]

Saying Goodbye to ER

Tweet Finally – a TV show ended in a feel good way.  This season’s shows were heart warming and heart breaking as well as brilliant.  Where were you when ER first premiered?  I cannot answer that but I do know that 15 years ago I was one year into being treated for breast cancer.  I […]