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Surviving Aging Thoughts

Tweet Surviving aging thoughts have to start with the tremendous amount of people (close to my age) who have left this world way too soon.  Actors, singers, comics, writers, and so many, many more.  Larry and I have started talking about our feelings more these days, not because we want to, but more because we […]

Revlon’s Fire and Ice Lipstick Memories

Tweet I learned a lot of things at the hands of my grandmother Margaret Aiken. Margaret was a feisty woman, married to Lloyd Aiken, a well-known Cleveland architect.  He drank.  It’s a shame that she married an alcoholic back in the day, but who knew?  Who knows now? I close my eyes and I can […]

Happy Birthday Jamie Hunter 2/29/68

Tweet It seems so long ago, at times it seems surreal.  I look at you now, all grown up with children of your own, and I have to wonder where the time went. You threw me a curve ball on Ash Wednesday, 2/28/68 which was a Leap Year by deciding to come into this world […]

What I know For Sure 03/09/10 Need More Juvaderm

Tweet Plain and simply put I could use more Juvaderm.  I was interviewed for a segment on Facebook hacking here in the Tampa Bay area by ABC television. My marionette lines, as they are kindly called, did not look kind at all. Nope-I need to sell a couple houses and get a touch-up for sure.  […]

New Beginnings 01/18/09

Tweet  I give total and complete credit for the article below to MSN.  I found it interesting enough to post it, but I am never crazy about the word “senior”.  At 62 years old I am not my mother, and I know a lot of people in their 60’s who like me are physically and […]