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Yesterday I attended a luncheon where I live and the speaker was our local American Cancer Society representative.  I remind people about this all the time,  I live up here in the “country” and our county is actually not under the Komen umbrella which has frustrated me over the years, but thankfully we do have the ACS and Komen is still available to us through  the web.

The ACS was the first organization to contact me after my surgery through their Reach for Recovery Program.  They helped me get my right arm moving again because I am right-handed and I needed to use that arm.

Later in life when I moved to Chicago I became a Y-Me instructor in lymphedema because I have lymphedema a side effect to lymph node removal and radiation.  They have since changed their name to Breast Cancer Network of Strength and I am presently a volunteer match counselor for them talking to women who match my cancer, radiation and/or lymphedema.

I worked for a company that sold compression garments, and mastectomy products and I taught women how to hopefully prevent lymphedema.

I have already listed and linked 3 excellent support organizations and there are more.

The National Breast Cancer Organization is another great resource. They can be found at

Each one of these organizations offers hope and help.  You never have to be alone, you never have to feel no one cares and you never have to be uninformed.

There are ways to get free mammograms, there are ways to get treated for free, there is transportation available to treatment.  There are wigs, make up tips, free prosthetics, bras, and advice.  There is a 24/7 hotline with real people – real women who have had breast cancer available so that you are NEVER alone.

I have shared with you great links, dig in and check them out. Unfortunately in this world of breast cancer it falls on us to find our answers but we are women, we are strong, and we are the caretakers of the world so it only makes sense we need to become the caretakers of ourselves also.

You have the tools to get the best answers to fit your life!  By the way, today is my anniversary – 17 years ago  today was the day that turned my life pink.



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