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We are all survivors of many things. I started this blog because I received a birthday card with a pin in it that read "I Survived Damn Near Everything" and I just decided to write about every damn thing I survived. An alcoholic friend, narcissistic ex-husband, worse yet a narcissistic business partner in breast cancer, breast cancer too, suicide, a child molesting dead ex-husband, oh yeah that's one I have not written about yet. There is more - we all have demons in our lives, some tragic, some we can laugh at right?

Surviving When Your Friend is a Bully

Tweet Goodness my life has changed so much since that day that I wrote a blog about my former BFF and she dumped me.  I really did not have the courage to dump her, so I took the passive/aggressive way out and wrote my feelings.  I wasn’t sure she would see it, but her daughter […]

#CycleofJoy 15

Tweet This is the week I have set aside to do a recording for a show.  I have been doing research, digging into my past, excavating old memories, and they are not happy times.  Thankfully I have a lot of joy in my life so being sad is ok.  Not dwelling on it, just digging […]