Airsoft Gun Accident Shoots Friend’s Son in the Eye

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I am shocked.  That is putting it mildly.  I am totally unbelievably effing shocked that my friend’s 10 year old son has been shot in the eye with a “toy” gun.

I am a former ER nurse who worked in a county hospital trauma unit.  I have seen gunshot wounds.  I have seen full belly open shot gun blast wounds.  I have held victim’s guts in my hands.  The difference is I did not personally know these people.  I had lives to help save, and afterwards when the shift was over, we all just went home to our families and many times we cried.

I realize we can’t monitor our children’s every move.  We cannot make ourselves invisible and sit on their shoulders like guardian angels when they are playing.  We can demand that parents be more responsible regarding these guns.

Let’s move beyond the fact that this could lead to blindness.  This pellet could go through the eyeball and lodge in someone’s brain.  There have been deaths.  This “toy” looks so real that police have actually shot real bullets at people wielding these guns – I would if I thought the it was a real gun.  Wait, it is a real gun.  It shoots pellets, it shoots period.  It is a gun.

Kids can’t buy them or allegedly they cannot.  According to the law they have to be purchased by someone 18 years of age or older. 

Adults are supposed to supervise their children according to the manufacturer, and protective eyewear is supposed to be on every one’s eyes.

I looked up the legal issues surrounding these guns and was told to check with the local law enforcement people to see what your law says, several countries have banned them, several cities have too. 

I do believe this should be a police matter.  It is an effing shooting for goodness sake.  This child’s life has been altered no matter what.  Even with total physical recovery,  I know I would never forget being shot.

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