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Well here we are – it’s 2011 and the end of a decade that certainly did not end on a high note for a lot of people not only in this country but in the entire world.  Why does it seem like it was so much easier 30-40 years ago?  It probably wasn’t but it just seems like it really was – isn’t that why we like to watch old movies?  And what about the fascination with retro looks, retro things, retro whatever?  Nostalgia right?  Or is it that things really were better then and we all harbor hopes of the return of the better days?

We measure so much in our lives.  I sometimes get amused by all the fuss over the beginning of a brand new year.  I do get that people need to have hope, but in reality how many resolutions are kept?  My thoughts are if you are overweight, if you smoke, if you don’t exercise why resolve to change things just because it’s January 1st?  Why are you not making these resolutions any day of the year and working on them?

I know I sound like Ebeneezer Scrooge who probably smoked and rarely exercised and I am the first to say I need to get more than a couple of pounds off my feminine frame.  The thing is when it comes to one’s health – January 1st should happen 365 days a year.

Now if we start to talk about things that can really impact others in the frame of resolutions I will hop on board that train.  I spent the last month writing about how people need to accept responsibility for the choices they make in life.

Life is physics.  For every action there is an equal and positive reaction.  Sometimes the reaction appears to be negative but in reality it is a positive reaction.

I am not good at confrontations so it is easier for me to pen my feelings and I accept that my choice in doing this may not have always ended well, but it is my choice.  It is easier sometimes to skirt an issue than to actually come out and say what you really feel or sometimes you just realize you held on to something way too long.

Me, I have held onto double digit extra pounds that need to go but as I watched the Today Show this morning I was reminded that it is ok to not be overly-regimented in trying to achieve a goal.  Living in Florida makes it really easy to get out and hit the pavement in many kinds of exercise.  I put out a call to action on Facebook looking for other women who want to power walk on our walking trails and I got positive responses.  There is the action with the equal and positive reaction experience at work.

That puts the onus on you the reader – don’t make resolutions – make a choice.  Choose and own it.

Happy New Year!

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