3 Tattoos All Having to do with Breast Cancer

If anyone had ever asked me if I ever wanted a tattoo I would have answered with a loud no.  Of course if anyone ever asked me if I wanted breast cancer my answer would have been a loud Hell no.

Little did I ever think that the breast cancer and three tattoos would ever connect and be a part of me but they did.

I need to explain that two of my tattoos are actually medical tattoos.  Scratching your head yet?  When you have radiation therapy they tattoo you in two spots so they can aim the beam of radiation at the right place.  Yes, two tattoos look like dark moles on my skin.

The third one however is the full monty.  No it’s not that full monty but I am proud of it, and it tells my story while eliciting comments from time to time.

I was visiting friends and family in my home town last February and one of my son’s close high school friends has a tattoo business.  He has this huge building where at least 4 artists can work at one time.  I did not even come close to seeing the entire building but I was impressed.  I had also seen a lot of his work on my son and on other of my friends.  I gathered my courage and two other girlfriends and I went to do the deed.

Prior to my appointment I did discuss my idea with my husband and I promised him I would be getting a small pink ribbon on my upper back near my left shoulder.  He isn’t really a tattoo person.

When it was my turn I talked to Dan who was going to needle me, and told him I wanted this tiny pink ribbon but I also wanted it to stand out.  Dan thought about it and asked me if maybe I would like something written across the ribbon.  He whispered his suggestion in my ear and I said go for it.

Due to the fact I added a word the tiny ribbon tripled in size and this is my story and my tattoo and if anyone asks me if I am happy with my third tattoo, I say Hell yes.

And I add “Damn proud of it too!”   Larry has adjusted, he likes it, and I do too, it is my story, the story of a survivor.

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